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Store Level Pricing Control

This page is used in conjunction with CyberOffice Warehouse Builder (CyberBuild) to provide store level (i.e. for each franchise) pricing control. You will need to have also licensed the program from SmartWin Technology or one of its resellers. The warehouse catalog sets default retail prices for all products, then each store will have the ability to alter the prices according to a variety of criteria, from percentage markup via product type, manufacturer, category, down to fixed prices on special products.

Use this page if the default markup set under Storefront & Franchise Control Panel is insufficient.

Multiple criteria can be set against one item. Suppose that you set a 10% markup for a category say Computer. You also set 15% markup for Computer + Notebook (where Notebook is a sub-category of Computer). A desktop PC then will be subject to 10% markup whereas a notebook will be 15%, even though a notebook is a computer. You can also specify a setting for Notebook only (i.e. without Computer). The precedence of the setting will live in between the first two.

In general, a more specific setting takes the precedence over a broader one. If you specify the price against a particular product reference, then the setting is almost always considered first.

To start with, you should select a site from the drop-down list. Only the site track(s) whose "DSN", "UID", "PWD" match those defined in the config.asp file of this shopping cart will be listed. Typically, you would probably has only one site track in the list and is selected by default.

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Operation Instructions

Specify the product/item or category criteria

Select one or more from the various drop-down lists of categories, brands, or classes. If you do not wish to specify, leave it as "(General)".   The number of lists depends on your application. You can also specify the Product Reference (or whatever you call it) in the last Text box. It must match exactly what is used in the database.

Enter your price setting

Markup Percent:  Specify the markup percent e.g. 10% or 0.10 for the criteria. Don't forget "%" in the first example. Negative numbers are acceptable.

Markup Price:  Markup the price(s) by a fixed amount of difference. Negative number acceptable and it is in unit of the original currency used in the warehouse engine.

Fixed Price:  Set the product(s) at a fixed price. 0 is acceptable (which typically means "Quote" or "Contact Us"). And again in unit of the original currency.  This is typically used on a specific product that you want to promote.

Only one of the above settings can be chosen at a given time.

Point Rate:  Used in conjunction with CyberOffice Club to set the points per unit currency required for the product(s) when redeeming points earned from previous orders. Set it to 0 to exclude the products from participating the Club Reward scheme. Remove any setting to fall back to the default store-wide setting, defined on the Storefront & Franchise Control Panel.

Bonus Point:  Used in conjunction with CyberOffice Club to add bonus points for the product(s). This is typically used against a specific product that you want to promote.


You can click on "Existing Entries" to view them on the bottom half of the page.

Find It:  Click to find and pre-fill the setting from an existing entry.

Export Data:  Click to export the existing settings in the system. This is provided for your convenience to display the settings somewhere else.

Microsoft Excel may launch itself within the browser to display the data, which however, does not handle the CSV format by default. Follow the steps to correct the problem:

  • Click on the "A" column to highlight the entire column.
  • From Window's Menu, click Data -> Text to Columns -> "Delimited" -> "Comma" -> Finish.
  • Then File -> Save As -> Select "CSV (Comma delimited)(*.CSV)" as the "Save as type".

MS Excel might also display a Shop Manager Login page. This is a bug in MS Office 2000. Upgrade it with the latest service packs from Microsoft.

Add/Update:  Add or update the setting to the system.

Delete Item:  Delete the current setting. Proceed with extreme certainty.

Clear All:  Clear all the existing settings in the system.

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