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Listing Membership Accounts

This page lets you list a summary of membership accounts in a variety of selective ranges. It works in conjunction with CyberOffice Club (CyberClub). You will need to have also licensed the program from SmartWin Technology or one of its resellers.

The window is divided into top and bottom frames. The top sets the criteria and the bottom displays the result. You may then conduct a batch operation on the result or click on an account number to view the account details.

List Members

This determines how the accounts will be sorted. The default is By Account No. To use By Account No or By (Last, First) Name to locate a specific record in the database, you simply type in the appropriate information into both Start and the End box under the Select Range section. Tick on "Mailing List" to list only customers who elect to receive emails from you. There is a built-in email newsletter facility do the job.

Account Type(s)

This sets the membership account type(s) that you want to include in the result. The account types is set on the Configure Account Types page.

Select Range

Enter the Start and End value for the list criteria. Leave it empty if not specified. Press the List button to Submit the request.

Note: The format of the values varies with the option set under List Members. A valid phrase identifies dates should be entered if By Start Date is chosen. The date-format depends on the Web server's system configuration, could be either mm/dd/yyyy or dd/mm/yyyy.

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