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Create an Account Group

This page lets you create and configure the CyberOffice Club (CyberClub) Account Types (i.e. Groups) under which CyberClub members will sign up. You will need to have also licensed the program from SmartWin Technology or one of its resellers.

To start with, you must select an existing account type from the drop-down list or create a new type by clicking the New button. You also remove an existing type by pressing the Delete button provided there is no account under the type (otherwise an error would occur).

There is no limit on the number of account groups you might have in your application. Typically, you use this to offer different levels of services to your customers, some of them free and some of them require payments. Different groups can have different access rights to your site. The companion "check.htm" page illustrates how this is done.

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Operation Instructions

Edit the following fields then click on the Update Info button to update the changes to the system.

Account Type:  Enter an appropriate name for the name of the account type.

Description: The description of the type, such as the purpose etc. This information will be appended to the Bill Description when an account expires and needs renewal.

Default Cancel: Set this to a non-zero integer if you want the account to be pending  activation upon signup (or any other reasons). The value itself is arbitrary and can be used to identify different reasons for back-end integration of any kinds.

Account Balance/Fee: The account balance upon signup/renewal, typically, the membership fee for a certain period of time.

Initial Credit Limit: Grant a new account with a certain credit limit so that the member can purchase goods from the associated CyberShop via any of payment methods specified under Membership Admin Settings.

Payment Term:  Number of days that the initial balance should be paid off.

Membership Period:  Specify the number of months that a membership term lasts.

Account Setup Fee: The once-off setup fee for a new signup.

Note: To enable automatic membership fee payment feature, please copy the "appendix.asp" under the Membership folder over to the Shopping Cart folder.

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