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Creating a Feature Page

This page lets you manage feature pages in CyberOffice Warehouse Builder (CyberBuild). You will have also licensed the product from SmartWin Technology or one of its resellers.

A feature page is a plain HTML page. Typically a special page for a special category/brand etc. It must reside on the same server as the CyberBuild program (*.asp pages) itself, whereas the storefronts of CyberBuild can be on different servers. The page can then be dynamically inserted into the storefront pages when certain category / sub category / brand is selected. This pushes the special advertisement page from a central controlled system to all the franchise storefronts.

Syntax to insert a feature page to a storefront page:

<script>insertstatic("feature.asp?feature=1")</script>   (display a static page)
<script>insertpage("feature.asp")</script> (display the page for currently selected category/subcategory).

You can prepare the page via any means, such as using MS FrontPage or Dreamweaver. You can include any images and hyperlinks as you like. You may include "add to cart" or "view details"  in the page. This require special attention. The URL needs to follow the syntax:

/[engine folder]/engine.asp?action=shop&prod=[product reference]
/[engine folder]/engine.asp?action=detail&prod=[product reference]

where [engine folder] is where all the program files of CyberBuild reside and [product reference] is whatever you use to identifies the product (cf. Add / Remove Catalog Items). By default, [engine folder] is either "/warehouse/include" or "/cybermall/include". An example of it looks like:

<a href="/warehouse/include/engine.asp?action=shop&prod=OTC-3">My Product</a>

Two JavaScript URL can also be used (which won't work before the page is called on the storefronts).

JavaScript:addtocart('[product reference]')
product reference]')

The above example will become,

<a href="JavaScript:addtocart('prod=OTC-3')">My Product</a>

Instructions on how to configure feature pages into the system are given under the two sections:

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Add & List Feature Pages

The primary purpose of this section is to list existing feature pages and provide the editing facility to add/change the listing. It is recommended that you specify the HTML file information via absolute virtual path (i.e. always start with "/").

Batch:  Click to jump to the bottom of the page where batch operation buttons reside.

Select All: Click to select all the items listed (presumably for deleting).

Preview: Click to preview the page in question.

Add:  The first row in the list lets you enter new feature page to the list. Simply fill in the boxes and click on the Add button to submit to the system.

Update items:  (Batch operation) update the changes made to the selected items to the database.

Delete items:  (Batch operation) delete the selected items from the database. Proceed with extreme certainty.

Clear All:  (Batch operation) Delete the entire the stock level table from the underlying database. Proceed with extreme certainty.

Note: Don't forget to tick on the items you want to update or delete (on the right-most column).

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Assign Feature Page to Category

This section lets you assign the feature pages to the specific categories / indexes in your application. The number of index tables may vary with the applications.

  1. Simply select a category / index from the Drop-down List(s);
  2. Enter the Page ID in the text box next to it;
  3. Then click on the Set/Update to assign the ID to the index.
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