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Activate Affiliate Tracking

CyberShop is affiliate enabled. The job is done by a hidden cookie named "Affiliate". The cookie is picked by the program on the shopping cart Check Out page (checkout.asp) and on the membership Sign Up page (apply.asp). The affiliate input field is visible on the two pages. You can turn it into a hidden one (so that visitors can't alter the contents).

To start with, the cookie needs to be planted on the visitors' computers. This is handled by a simple ASP page, affiliate1.asp and affiliate.asp under the shopping cart folder (you can modify it to be your own ones). To track the referer from another site,   you simply ask the site owner to link to


You should qualify it with the full domain + path (of your site), i.e. something like

If you want to the visitor to land on a specific page, add "&goto=..." querystring to specify the page.  In addition, you can also ask the site owner to insert

<script src="affiliate.asp?id=site_id"></script>

to any page on the remote site. This will also track visitors who do not follow the above link directly. The  "id" variable identifies the referer site. If the companion CyberClub is used to sign up new affiliates, the site_id should be the CyberClub User Name of the affiliate (Email can also be used, but you need to alter the affiliate report page, cf. below).

The above link or script plants a cookie on the visitor's computer that lasts for 7 days. You can adjust the duration on the page yourself (in the ASP source codes).

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Affiliate Sign Up

When the CyberOffice Club add-on is used, new affiliates can sign up using the common CyberClub sign up page. You may want to create a new Account Type specially for affiliates. You need to give them the above instruction to add links on their sites to your site. Then give them the URL to the custom11.asp page under your shopping cart folder to track the real-time sales. You may publish the link on your site to this page.

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Customize Affiliate Report

Before the Affiliate Report page can be used, you may need to configure it. Some settings are on the top of the page (custom11.asp) can be altered under

Shop Manager => Global Settings => Page Message Editor => custom11.asp

Specifically, they are

AFFILIATE_GROUPS = "1,2,3,4,5,6"
          'These are account types that are entitled to claim commissions.
          'They are defined in the associated Membership program. 
          'They can access the same custom11.asp to view (only) their own commissions.

          'Default rate, overridden if specified on the affliate's account.

          'multiple entries separated by ","

STATUS_NOT_PAY = "3,9,10"
          'multiple entries separated by ","

          'multiple entries separated by ","

COMMISSION_PAID = "(Comm. Paid)"
'a word added to the commisson paid status description to distinquish it from similar status.

          'Second Tier Commission Rate.

The affiliate report works in terms of the status codes. Those status codes not included in the above will be under "Pending Commission" category. You can adjust the status codes, add new ones to the lines. Multiple entries are delimited by comma (",").

COMMISSION_RATE is a decimal number (i.e. not a percentage number). STATUS_TO_PAY typically means the order has been completed/shipped. STATUS_PAID indicates that orders under that category have been paid commissions. It is otherwise the same as STATUS_TO_PAY, but is internally known as commission paid. A COMMISSION_PAID message will be appended to the Status Description on this page to distinguish the two.

If CyberClub is installed and configured, this page automatically works with it. You can alter the GroupIDs as defined by AFFILIATE_GROUPS that are allowed to view this page. See Account Types for more information.

Finally, the page will appear differently if viewed by an Administrator who has logged in to the Shop Manager. It allows you to select a particular affiliate from a drop-down list and links the Order IDs to the Order details.

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Operation Instructions

Select/Set the following fields,

Affiliate: For an affiliate to view the report, enter the affiliate ID into the Text box. If a CyberClub is configured, the affiliate ID is automatically set after Login and is read only.

The administrator (after login to the Shop Manager) can select an existing "Affiliate" from the drop down list.

Start Date: Enter a start date for a date range (optional).

End Date: Enter an end date for the date range (optional).

Status Codes: Uncheck to exclude that class(es) of orders from the result list.

Click on the Submit button to view the report. For the administrator, the Order ID is hyper-linked to the order details page to manage the order.

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