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About Coupons

CyberShop is coupon enabled. A "Discount" button will automatically appear in the shopping cart page when you have coupons in your Shop Manager. Customers will then be prompted to enter the coupon code which may be distributed by emails. Upon submitting the code, they will see the contents of the coupon and be told what to expect, including the amount of discount applicable to the items already placed in the cart.

Currently, CyberShop takes only ONE coupon per order.

To use this feature, you need to

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Create / Edit Coupon Information

In the first form on the page, the drop-down list contains all the current coupons. If it is empty or does not contain the one you want, click on the Add New button to create a dummy coupon first. Otherwise, select the coupon from the coupon list and click on the Show Details button to pull out the details from the database.

Coupon:  The coupon code for the coupon.

Expiry Date:  The date on which the coupon will expire. You must enter in the format defined by your server computer. A valid Expiry Date is required for the coupon to function.

Min Quantity:  The minimum purchase quantity required in a shopping order.

Min Purchase:  The minimum amount of purchasing required in a shopping order. This field can only be set when Min Quantity is not set (or zero).

Percent Off: The discount percentage off the regular amount.

Amount Off:  The discount amount off the regular price. Can only be set if Percent Off is not present (or zero).

Max Quantity:  The maximum quantity can be purchased in a shopping order.

Max Times:  The maximum number of times this coupon can be used on the Web site. Once set, this quantity is decreased with every use of the coupon. When it reaches zero, the coupon is automatically removed.

Description:  This is a literal field where you can write what you want to attract your customers. 

Update:  Click to update the information to the database.

Delete:  Click the remove the coupon permanently from the database. Use with extreme certainty. You cannot remove the coupon if it has been attached to some products. So a detach action must be taken first (cf. below).

Tip: Max Quantity and Max Times are particularly useful for granting special a special discount to a special customer. Upon completing the order, the coupon is disabled and removed from the system.

Here we have offered you a mean of online bargaining: Suppose that you claim to beat any price by 10% and a customer comes and refers you to a lower price elsewhere. You would then issue the customer a one-time coupon (i.e. setting Max Times = 1) which he/she can use to make the purchase. After that you can quickly set a new price to avoid being beaten again.

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Generate and Export Promotion Codes

You can generate secondary random coupon promotion codes based on a selected "root" coupon code. These secondary coupon can be printed and used in flyers in for example a trade show promotion. They are typically once-off codes (i.e. Max Times = 1). The actual entry is created only when a customer enters the code on the frond end.

This feature can be used to create "Gift Certificates" if you sell them on your storefront. The resulting codes can be even sold as instant "PIN Numbers" on the storefront.

Seed:  This is a seed parameter for the random number generation routine to start generate the secondary coupon codes. You must set a unique number for each promotion event. For example, you can set it to the date of the event.

Code Length:  The length, i.e. the number of digits of the random numbers you wish to generate.  The random number / letter will then be prefixed by a coupon ID from the "root" coupon to form the full secondary coupon code (This step is transparent).

Number of Entries:  Specify the number of coupon codes you wish to generate. The input box is next to the "click to export" button.

Then "Click to Export" to create and export them in a CSV file format.

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Apply Coupons To Products

You must associate the coupon(s) to the products before it will take effects. You can apply it to a type of products (cf. Item Types) or a range of products sharing a common Reference Code prefix(es). This can be done through the second form on the page.

  1. Select a coupon from the Coupon list.
  2. (Optional) Select a type from the Item Type list.
  3. If no item type is specified, you can enter Reference Code prefix(es). Multiple entries are separated by semicolon ";". Reference Codes are defined by the ProductID hidden field on shopping pages. Enter * if the coupon is applied to any products.
  4. You can also use the Find button to search for the existing information in the database.
  5. Press the Apply button the establish the association.
  6. Press the Detach button to remove the existing association from the database.
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