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Configure Countries

Countries are classified under Regions. So you must first decide how to divide the global world into regions. A pre-defined US-centric regions are supplied by the program. You may just keep as it is, or use Edit Global Regions to amend the division. Note that you can remove a region only when there are no countries are classified under it. After that, under each region,

  1. Select an existing country from the Country list (this automatically goes into the New/Update box).
  2. To remove the country, simply click on the Delete button (use with extreme certainty). The country cannot not be removed if there is a shipping fee configured under it.
  3. Enter / Change the information in the New/Update box. It has two parts, the description part and an ISO code for the country. The ISO code is important if you use real-time UPS module to calculate the shipping fee (this is an add-on module from SmartWin).
  4. Press the Update button to modify the existing country. or
  5. Press the Add New button to add a new country.
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