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PII 400MMX Mhz, Intel Celeron 400MMX, 12.1"SVGA TFT
Part Number OTC-34
Brand Olympic
Dimension 20x16x11
UNSPSC 43210000
Start Date 2019-01-01
End Date 141 days 0 hours 10 min 22 sec

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12.1"Super VGA Monitor has a refinement of Video Graphics Array (VGA) providing increased pitch and resolution performance, (800x600) TFT Display, 32Megabyte (Expandable to 128Megabyte) SDRam 2Megabyte built in vedio, yamaha 3D audio system, 4.8Gigabyte Hard Disk Drive, Ext1.44 Megabyte Floppy Disk Drive, Built in 24xCDROM, carry case, Li-Ion battery, Windows 98 Note Book, weighs 2.2kilogram with battery.