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This is a temporary HTML online catalog entry page, to be updated by the search engine page generation module.

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Search Engine Feeding Page generation

CyberOffice Warehouse Builder (CyberBuild) comes with the latest search engine optimization (SEO) module that automatically and dynamically generates a full set of up-to-date hierarchical online catalog covering every category, sub-category and product in your database with the optimized URLs, Titles, meta tags and clean SEO friendly contents with SEO formatted user reviews.  The review system is important as it makes the product page unique if the item is a popuplar product sold by many sites on the Web. The SEO entry page is the index.asp page on the storefront and the sitemap to submit to Google is index.asp?sitemap.xml . You can customize the look and feel of the page to match your storefront template (some knowledge of HTML is required).   

CyberBuild can also generate a full, hierarchical plain HTML online catalog covering every product in your database. Typically one item per page, with a working link to "Order" the product. This is so designed that it aims to maximize the exposure of your site to Internet search engines when their robots index your site or sites.

Here are simple steps to produce the pages:

Shop Manager ->  Storefront Settings -> Enter "Site Folder" for the site in question. Then follow the instructions to generate the pages for the selected site. Note that you may need to adjust the File / Folder permissions (on the server) to run the page generation through a browser. The utility will tell when it has problems.

The program can generate search engine feeding catalog for each franchise site, limiting the list to only products under the site. Developers are welcome to improve the codes for their own benefits.

Also generated is an XML Sitemap for the pages, named "sitemap.xml", which can be submitted to Google for speedy and optimal indexing (in the future to other search engines as well).

Alternatively, a similar VBScript module named "search_engine.vbs" (CyberMall) or "search_eingine1.vbs" (CyberBuild) can be found on the _private folder after installation. You can edit the parameters on the top of the script and run it on the server.

In particular, the VBScript version allows you to schedule a batch job to run it periodically across all the sites.

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