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Configure Users

This page lets you add/remove users who can access the Shop Manager and set their permissions. There are a few default users pre-filled to just set some examples. You must change at least the passwords of these accounts before going live.

There are three levels of permissions:

A - Administration: Only users with "A" permission are allowed to Configure Users and Update Global / System Settings.

W - Write:  Users with "W" permission are allowed to modify information to the database.

R -  Read:  Users with "R" permission are allowed to view information on most of the functional pages.

Users with none of the above can only view a few summary pages.

To configure a user,

  1. Type in the user name in the User Name box.
  2. Click on the Find button to check for the existing information.
  3. Enter a password in the Password box.
  4. Check the appropriate permissions for the user.
  5. Click on the Add/Update button to update the information to the system. or
  6. Click on the Delete button to remove the user from the system. Use with extreme certainty.

Further Security Enhancement

On the top of "shop_user.asp" and "shop_global.asp" pages, you can enable the codes that activate NT security measures on the pages. When this is done, the pages are double protected. Namely, you need to enter, typically, your hosting FTP username and password to get pass the NT security first, then the Shop Manager's username and password to access these pages.

Shop Manager's username and password are stored in the "Users" table in the shopping cart database. You can further protect them by activating the Triple-DES Encryption on the Global/System Settings. The encryption is available only after the software is registered.

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