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Backup & Restore Shopping Orders

This page lets you manage regular backup / restore of shopping orders to / from a backup database. The backup should be done periodically. However, whenever there are structural changes in the database, you should create a complete copy of the current shopping cart database. Then use this page to backup a selected set of orders such as all new orders since yesterday (which is the default setting). This page is useful when you make mistakes on processing some orders in the database and want to fall back to previous ones. It can also help you moving your site from one server to another or to extract orders from a remote SQL Server.

To Start with, you must manually create a new database identical to the one in use. Preferably, register it as a new ODBC data source. Then tell the shop manager where to find it (cf. below). Note that the backup process does not backup system settings or changes to static information such as shipping methods, countries. The only exception is that it gives you an option to backup the Status Code table. Complete, up to date status codes are essential for a proper backup of shopping orders. 

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Operation Instructions

Backup Options:  Select either Backup or Restore to start with.

Including Type(s):  By default all types of orders are selected. You can de-select some types to narrow the backup scope.

Date Range:  Set time interval to work with. By default the starting date is set to be yesterday and the ending date is left open. This allows you to do daily backup. Use the system format for the dates as shown in the default.

Order ID Range:  You can further specify a range of Order IDs in question. This option is useful for locating a specific order to backup / restore.

As mentioned on the page, backup process over the Web is restricted by the timeout limit set on the Web server (typically 90 seconds, but could be less). So you must make sure that your selected set of orders is small enough to allow the program to complete the process within the limit. Exactly how small depends on your system and can only be found out from experience.

Backup Database:  The ODBC connection string to the backup database. If you use MS Access, then the following syntax also works (using latest CyberShop.Dll, bypassing the ODBC registration step):

DBQ=/_private/backup.mdb;Driver=Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb)

This assumes that you have make a copy of the original shopping cart database (either shopping_cart.mdb or Mall_shopping_cart.mdb by default) to "backup.mdb", which resides in the "/_private" folder.

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