CyberOffice Email Configuration

(Use the sample Contact Us page to build an email form for yourself)

Sender Name:
Sender Address:
Dest. Name:
Dest. Address:
Email Component:
Mail Server:
(e.g. localhost:25. With JMAIL &CDOSYS, you can further specify the username and password to the email server in the format:, or leave the entire field empty.)
(You might need to download the selected Email Component from its Web site.)

After testing successfully, you should enter the settings into the admin page of each of the CyberOffice eCommerce programs used in the system.

Master Mall Site: CyberMall or CyberBuild, CyberShop, CyberClub
Franchise Store: Site1 Cart, Site1 Club (if applicable)

On these pages, and the Storefront Settings (also this link), there are pre-defined emails going to smartwin. Please modify them accordingly..

Verification: New Code
Repeat Code:*:


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