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-- a SmartWin CyberOffice eCommerce component
For Microsoft IIS platform (Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP/2003)
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Getting started with the program
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(If you haven't done so, please also Install CyberOffice Shopping Cart on your computer.)

CyberOffice Club (CyberClub) is a core component of SmartWin CyberOffice eCommerce. It is a premier Web-based business tool which lets you accept and manage membership online. The program is designed to work in conjunction with Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS). It consists a set of HTML and ASP pages, an ActiveX component (CyberBuild.Dll) and an ODBC-compliant database.

Microsoft IIS or a cut-down version of it, Microsoft Personal Web Server (PWS), is free from Microsoft. It can be installed/enabled on most Windows operating systems. The setup program assumes that IIS has been installed and is running on your computer. If this is not the case,  Check here on PWS/IIS installation. Run the setup program again after installing IIS or PWS. 

CyberClub supports a variety of databases via the standard ODBC interface , including MS Access (97 and above), MS SQL (6.5 and above), Sybase Adaptive, and MySQL. The default is MS Access. For any other database, a working knowledge of it will be required.


Check your PWS or IIS settings on the site (Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Internet Services Manager -> Web Sites -> Properties -> Home Directory). Set Execute Permissions to either "Scripts Only" (recommended) or "Scripts and Executables".

64-Bit Windows Server  (IIS 7 or above) : Under IIS Manager -> Application Pools -> find the application pool used by the site in question -> Advanced Settings ... -> Enable 32-Bit Applications -> True.   Also copy the DLLs to c:\Windows\SysWoW64 folder and register them there (run regsvr32.exe).

The setup program automatically places the appropriate files on to the appropriate locations and properly registers them. However, file permissions might still need to be set for a special user account named IUSR_xxx (where "xxx" is the name of the computer).

Use "Windows Explorer -> File the File(s) -> Right-mouse-click -> Properties" to change the settings. Make sure you

  1. Set execute permission on CyberOffice DLLs (CyberShop.Dll, CyberClub.Dll, and CyberBuild.Dll). By default, they are either under c:\winnt\system32, c:\Windows\system32 or c:\inetpub\wwwroot\cgi-bin.
  2. Set Modify permission on the entire folder that contains the database(s). By default, the folder will be c:\inetpub\wwwroot\_private.
  3. Windows XP: Change the "Sharing" property of the folder to "Share this folder on the network" and "Allow Network users to change my files".  If you don't see "Network shareing and secuirty"  options, run the "Network sharing wizard" shown on the properties page.
  4. Download the latest DLLs and run the "Update-DLLs.bat " included in the file (on the server computer).

You need to view the Web pages through a Web server for any of the above mentioned links to function correctly. If you are having troubles, try this link http://localhost/membership or http://localhost/cybermall/membership. You will be seeing the same page, but going through a Web server.

Quick Tour

CyberClub can work as a standalone or in conjunction with CyberOffice Shopping Cart (CyberShop, required) and CyberOffice Warehouse Builder (CyberBuild, optional). The program provides a generic membership service to any programs (in particular to CyberShop and CyberClub). It is fully customizable.

CyberClub can protect any page on your Web site, try this sample Test Page. It can also accept a quick Mailing List request. The following sample code does the job:

Your Name:

Your Email:

Here is the HTML Codes behind:

There are a number of useful pages to control the membership program:

Admin Settings, Account Type Setup, Membership Manager, Bulletin Message Poster, Link Exchange Listings, Download Manager.

CyberClub shares an integrated Shop Manager with other CyberOffice eCommerce programs. The default username is Administrator and password is Password.

Newsletter Module

CyberClub also have a separate newsletter add-on module that allows a visitor to quickly signup and receive a formatted welcome email with a link to manage the subscription. Click here to download the module.

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What to do next

CyberClub comes with a free 30 days trial period, enough for you to evaluate the program. Before going live, you must purchase the license from SmartWin Technology or one of its authorized resellers. The Shop Manager has a license page for this purpose.

CyberClub is tightly integrated with the CyberShop and CyberBuild. If that is just all you want, there is not too much to do. By default, you will find all the necessary files under the c:\inetpub\wwwroot\ folder. You simply need to upload all the files to your live or production Web server. You can find more on uploading instructions from the shop manager's online references.

If you have changed the default settings, you probably will need to

  1. Correctly specify Membership Database, Shopping Cart Page under the Global/System Settings of CyberShop.
  2. Correctly specify Master Shopping Cart, Master Login Page, Member Login Page, Shopping Cart Page, and Shopping Cart Database under the Admin Settings of CyberClub.

To impose a member only restriction on any page, follow the instructions on the Test Page.

CyberClub is in fact by itself very function rich and fully customizable. Visit the Product Home Page for an updated summary of functions. More technical information can be found in the Full Development Guide. Contact if you have any questions.

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